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Jai Gurudev!


Waiting on the other side!

What has become of me?
I am sitting on this end,
With my laptop heating up,
All I do all day-
Is Google your name and wait,
Till the screen spurts your news

What news have you brought this time,
Whats new and cooking now?
Will you stay there a little longer,
Just a little longer, please
With your fish hat and sunglasses on-
Until I make up my mind?

I am packing my bags-
But I still have work to do
My files are awaiting attention
Those folders arent closed yet
My lunch is rotting in neglect
Fingers rest still on the keyboard

But my mind is a constant chase
Running to the other end, atop Boone,
Standing outside - in morning chill,
Eyes gazing at the guarded door,
Will he come out, when, how, what
Wont I get a quick glance?

What have you done to me?
This mind is present only in your presence,
I enjoy being tossed in your opinion,
I cant accept anyone except you
These challenges are a big mistake-
And I see your intent behind this.
Longing is all the knowledge I know.

Then I return to the flickering screen,
My legs drag return to the lab,
Fingers do their dreary dance -
On their dusty keyboard floor
My bags cornered upon my decision
To remain, reflect and remember!

By: Varrun Ashok