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Jai Gurudev!

A poem dedicated to our dearest guruji

Love love love
Everywhere love
In every soul in every heart
There's love love love

Loved loved loved
Everybody is loved
Every soul,every heart 
Is loved by you

Lonely lonely loney
No body's lonely
Only only only you are our god

Enlightened enlightened enlightened
Everybody's enlightened
Freshness in the air
Beauty in the nature
Enlightenedment in every soul
This is guruji's gift.

Presence presence presence
Everywhere his presence
In every dream in every step his presence.

Love you love you love you
This whole world loves you
Every soul every creature loves you

Speechless speechless speechless
No body can describe your endless love
You've done loads and loads for us
I've given myself a meaning
Everything is so changed that you didn't evn let me know

No sentence, no word can describe your endless love <3
-- Kudrat Kukreja