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Jai Gurudev!


Teachers who are full of love and care
Having an atmosphere of cheer - ready to share.
Art Of Living has gifted me positive vibrations
Negativities of the heart are leaving in quick successions.
Kindness calmness & clarity are some new-found emotions.

Youth being reckless, is what people expect to see.
Once we undergo YES! - from ugly thoughts we are free.
Unique skills are born - and we grow as strong as we can be.

Around the world, to spread cheer, is His mission.
Rinsing the minds of millions to clear pollution.
Thank You Almighty, for giving Guruji, to your creation.

One must always act and not react to a harsh test.
Follow your own ideas, as naturalness is the best.

Lessons of school are to make us help humankind.
In Art of Living we also learn about our own mind.
Victory is achieved when one lives the moment,
                            and gives one hundred percent.
Increase in ability
                         comes with acceptance of responsibility.
Never be goaded by other's words,
                        Be button proof - only positives will be heard !
Gurudev Ki Jai ! Jai Gurudev !

                                     --Karthik Kumar