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Jai Gurudev!

A poem dedication to Guruji..

There are tyms wen i need a bestfriend, i close my eyes n feel you..
There are tyms wen i want a shoulder to cry on,
I close my eyes and think of you..
There are tyms wen i am so happy dat i thank you for ur grace..
There are tyms wen i offer my gratefulness during my sadna each day for such broad vision you gifted me for the welfare of this world.. The vision - a grace..
There are tyms wen i long for ur presence wen i meditate..
There are tyms wen i c u on tv and feel ur childish eyes, smile and laugh alot..
There are tyms wen i cherish the childish smile n eyes and feel u as my kid..

Tears roll down my cheeks,
Wen i hear guru stories from everyone, wishin i had one..
Coz i hav nothin to give you.. Every material gift seems tasteless..
I just hav a beautiful heart and his feelings where you reside (to offer).. You are my king..
You are my natkhat kanha(krishna)..
Sometimes i wonder y I miss you though you are in me.. Is there something dats lackin in me?
Dont i know how to love you?
My throat chokes when these thoughts haunt my mind..

Priya Tindwani