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Jai Gurudev!

Shri Shri Ravishankar Ji

Shri Shri Ravishankar Ji

He is a man with beautiful smile
Any thing can hurt your heart
But nothing can distort his shine
He is simple, he is sweet
Tears roll down when u touch his feet
He walks with a sexy swing
Flattering his smile just like a beautiful wing
His imagination is beyond our thought
What we can’t do he makes it possible with every walk
He believes in his Instinct as a God
We love you Guru ji as our lord

He lives in present….
Forgetting past he surrenders his presence
He teaches expectation can shatter our joy
He keeps his innocence like a small boy
He stretches his hands first to spread peace
Every human is touched with his grace
He teaches the art of living
Explaining the most complex things with simple naming
He is the person who can show me my art
I’m happy you made me your part
Being one we can blossom
That’s why we say “Vasudev kutumbakam”

Yours guidance help at every moment
Murmuring magical words “Jai guru dev”
Inspires to live in present
Doing “kriya” washes my waste
I live every day with different taste
I could feel you walking with me every time
I know you are surely my prime
You drive me from my hole
Today I’m happy because I live life as a whole
You baked our life with equivalent amount of love and grace
I really want to live with your space

A man in white with peace in his mind
I bow for that mother who gave you birth
We are honored to have you on this earth

Divye Duheta Mahajan