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Jai Gurudev!

Let go all your efforts

Abandoning the worldly vows 
to be the status quo,
he broke the cliche' mows,
he found himself dowed

To delta a big change 
in the smallest snippet of time
Media writing million a page,
millions banging chimes.

In unison came live,
once a Utopian 
vision that resulted in archives
into being like fireflies, in the night sky.

He came, he sat, he conquered 
Everybody's problems alike,
made them surrender, they went bonkers,
living the new way of life.

"Let go all your effort"
came out like a glistening light, 
words are not able to express, 
the experience that came that night.

Silence conquered deepest noises
letting them come to halt and stay
all the chattering voices,
went out, a while, to sway.

Sat, then I, a few minutes
Being in that state rare.
out of the daily cob-webs
seeing them as mere
dreams that have gone,
not wanting to be remembered
learnt this lesson to hone 
my ability to be in present 

Out, came I, slowly past me,
Time had stretched out to, infinity;
Second was made to wait, for eternity
In that state of present in(his) presence
was left only he in me, and me in me.
-Arihant Verma