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Jai Gurudev!


When life had no meaning to me,
I was sad,gloomy and blue,
A gentle hand taps on my shoulder,
And a voice says"I belong to you!"

I look into his eyes,
And see nothing but love,
The eyes that touch my heart,
And promise me never to depart.

He holds my hand and points towards the sky,
"Now that's how much I Love You!"the sweet voice resounds,
I look into his deep eyes again,
That promise to be with me- In happiness and Pain.

He sees a tear i shed,
"Life is beautiful my dear!"
He takes his hand on my cheek.
And wipes it crystal clear.

"I wish i could stay with you forever" I say,
He smiles at my ignorance and says,
"Well!! I have another way...
Coz inside your heart is where I stay!!"

Those were the last words he said,
And vanished into the white fog,
As i walk my way home which is away a mile,
I think of his beautiful eyes that give me this PERMANENT SMILE !!
-Vidhi Thaker