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Jai Gurudev!

How do I explain to you what my Guruji is...

He is the gentleness of the breeze,
magnificence of the mountain,
serenity of a lake,
melody of music,
whose touch, sight or sound 
make you close your eyes
taking you within you
introducing you to your own Self.

He is the deep ocean 
that awaits patiently
the meandering and wayward rivers
with His loving embrace.

He is the love
that when touches you
you forget everything
and realize that you are that love too.

He is the light
that dispels darkness in you
igniting the light in you
with His glow.

He is the knowledge
that quietly enters your mind
when you are in silence
making you believe it to be your own knowledge
when it is but His blessing.

He is the child
that playfully leads the way
holding your fingers
making the journey full of fun and joy.

Happy Valentine's Day Guruji
--Shreshna Basnet