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Jai Gurudev!

Did I return to you?

When night crept, stars shined,
When stars showed, moon minded,
When minding little stars, it lost the sun,
When lost, moon waited and waned,
When waned within, found sun next day,
When dazed in wonder, moon reflected,
When moon reflects, did it mirror back at you?

When titles tall, crumble and fall,
When desires rest, rest begins,
When rest don't matter, search begins,
When search stops path unfurls,
When path proceeds, this moment dawns
When moments pass, times flies
When times flew did they fly back to you?

When moon minds, time will fly,
When times fly, moon will remind,
When reminded of stars-tiny, sun-shiny,
Is when mind unites with its big-in time,
When such instants grew, I saw too-
When two - I and you, came a little closer,

Is when I remembered, did I come back to you?

---- Varrun Ashok