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Jai Gurudev!

An Ode to my Guruji

Thou stand with me, amidst all my storms,
Like a wall unseen;
Making sure that I don’t fall and,
Against yourself you let me lean..
Now and then you simply keep reminding me,
“My dear you aren’t alone,
Wake Up, Hold my hand & I will,
Lead you on your paths unknown..”
Surrounded I am when,
With difficulties insurmountable;
And smiling seems to be an option,
Which is far impossible,
Thou slowly enter into my mind,
With your characteristic mischievous smile;
Singing, dancing and blessing in thy full swing,
Leave my heart at eternal peace with sorrows at a mile..
In my times unpleasant you add so much of life,
That I myself get confused,
Whether I am bathing with roses;
Or being poked with a knife..
Poking hurts, bathing soothes,
But you keep me stuck to soothing;
Drawing my attention to thy grace,
Put a subtle end to my suffering..
There is no other truth known to me but YOU,
There is nothing more attractive known to me than YOU;
There is no love known to me as peaceful as YOU,
Though you are everything known to me & everything known to me is YOU
I am no more worried about the path I am on and I just don’t care;
For my hand is in yours and holding me tight you are there..
I now want nothing but my life to become a fruit for others,
And taking their lives to regions new,
Walking on the path of service,
Soon get entirely lost in YOU...
Soon get entirely merged in YOU...
Soon get back to my home i.e. YOU...
--Ankur Sharma