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Jai Gurudev!

Who is Sri Sri Ravishankar?

Mirth that springs from depth,
Depth that remains sound,
Sound that rises from silence,
Silence that makes sense,
Is who you are - a suspense!

Joy aware of its origin,
Origin that swells to sway,
A sway that is still still,
Stillness that positively vibrates,
Is who you are - a suspense!

One who travels every corner,
A corner aware of its center,
Centered centre built to shelter,
Shelter that knows no boundaries,
Is who you are - a suspense!

Might that weighs light,
Light always in sight,
Sight that shows no glare,
White that shines in colour,
Is who you are - a suspense!

A pleasant present-presence,
Presence permeating peace,
Peace that sounds exciting,
Excitement that encompasses all,
All that sees only one,
Is who you are - a suspense!

-- Varrun Ashok