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Jai Gurudev!

Oh Divine, you are my valentine

I wish I wanna b with you forever
like you are ocean i am river
i keep on flowing in love
i'll blossom in your grace shower

i know you will complete that wish of mine
and i am making Divine my Valentine

when i was alone in my pain
you sent smile n contentment rain
i was growing up with each breath
you did that everything was myth

i cant imagine moment without you
besides i have your global view
to bring that divine love in diversity
and to give everyone something new

with extended aura u gave me divine glow n shine
and i am making Divine my Valentine

today i am luckiest one 
my every dream is done
but i cant express gratefulness
because i am all yours and you are my base

my life rhythm is flowing
and music also growing
you are playing my life chords
oh my precious Heart's king

i am crazy about you oh my sweet divine
and i am making Divine my Valentine