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Jai Gurudev!

My promise

I cannot promise you anything anyway, can I?
I cannot promise you I will be present in this moment, for my mind always wanders to you,
I cannot promise I'll  accept people as they are, I want them all to resemble thee,
Opposite values do complement but convey the same emptiness without you,
I cannot promise I won't be a football of opinions, 
For everytime I became one, I was tossed back to you,
I cannot promise I'll give my very best, can the best be contained?
What about energy and enthusiasm, whenever I got tired I was way home
I cannot spread any knowledge - Of what use are ripples from shallow waters?
When soothing waves have reached deep, far and wide
But I promise to submit these twists.
Take my twists and straighten them out.
I promise everytime to return, turn me inward.
I promise I've never seen anything this stunning!
That from time to time, keeps me still still.
I promise......

By: Varrun Ashok