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Jai Gurudev!

In your abode

In your Abode, as i get locked out of heaven
Out of your Abode, dwell in misery.
I propel back & forth,
And realize the glory of your universe manifold.
I immerse in your thoughts
Feel drowned in the nectar of your infinite Love.
My core revives with your gaze
touch my soul like never before.
The purity of your presence
reveal the tears of such ecstasy.
Overwhelmed with your magnificient mercy
I dissolve into you.
As i close my eyes, i become you
All the differences disappear into oblivion.
My mind consume the form of my eyes
where only you behold.
I submerge in your vastness
In the enchanting light of your love.
I bathe in your illumination
That ignites my being.
Leaves me satiated & unsatiated.

By: Mishma Kaushik