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Jai Gurudev!


I'm struck with wonder,
such joy comes with surrender.

The day i left myself to him,
was the day i found him within.

Life looks like a joke,
to which i woke.
when one searches for air,
it doesnt sound fair.
It seems so funny,
like a bee is searching for honey.

I'm confused at the thought,
were i blind or had a blindfold been wrought??

Knowing the ultimate reality,
everything else seems to be absolute virtuality.

How to pay him gratitude?
to him,who made me reach this altitude.
eyes dont stop watering,
and mouth doesnt stop uttering,
to the grace that befell,
and pulled me out of hell.

I'm awestruck!
can't even call it luck.
The divine has been so kind,
such a fortune is less to find.
Life seems perfect,
such is his effect.
Have known the purpose of life,
with the guidance of the wisest of wise.

By: Piyushi Jaiswal