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Jai Gurudev!

When Sri Sri visits bay area in March

Oh year! march to March,
hopping on clouds gliding south,
bearing hope to lands parched,
As good tides cool the bay’s mouth.

Oh spring! spring forth north,
Carry from tropics to lands temperate,
temper the wind with subtle smells,
That swell from flowers laid to soften his way.

Oh time! prepare me for travel,
Beyond seasons to an age of enlightenment,
Trespassing to eternity where all is well,
So that when I meet him, I’m already there!

As tides unite and ascend in worship,
And rains pour down in expressive joy,
As scents depart to announce his presence,
He swiftly moves in his white cover….

All gathered under his red cover,
Yet drenched deep in dazed wonder,
At the one wielding great power,
Forging peace with hearts gone asunder. 

Tides then recede back to their source,
As earth sees the sun in annual motion,
As rains still thirst for the mighty ocean,
Let this world gravitate to the one in his center.

By: Varrun Ashok