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Jai Gurudev!

Master's Reflections

The songs have been sung,
The candles have been lit,
The path has been laid,
Its time to go home.

The journey has begun already,
Riding through dark and deep,
Sailing foggy waters - soaked,
Fighting fiery thoughts - ablaze.

While you're minding the moon,
My mind caught your white-
Your white in its pristine,
Confluence of many lights.

But my mind is still a prism-
It divides and separates-
It turns white to many - pretty but petty,
But will the prism point to you?

As I gallop across the rainbow,
And observe the foggy clouds,
My gaze shall always return,
To the one who minds the moon.

And as the moon rounds the sun,
Mighty ocean reflects the blue,
Might I see those drapes again-
A gentle reminder that I mirror you.

By: Varun Ashok