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Jai Gurudev!

Infinite Love

When will you stop..
Trying to tease me.. 
Trying to pull me.. 
Trying to push me..

When will you stop.. 
Losing me in illusions.. 
Catching me in dreams.. 
Locking me in the life .. 
Binding me to the finite..

If you say never.. 
Be it so foreever.. 
For the love I hold in my heart.. 
Knows no loss.. 
Knows no wins.. 
Knows no locks..
Knows no binds..

Its just is.. 
Looking for you.. 
It just is.. 
Waiting for you.. 
For In this ocean of illusion.. 
You r my dream.. 
You are my life..

Where its just you..
There its just Love.. 
Infinite Love.. Hence.. 
I hope you say never.. 
So be it Forever..

By: Ila