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Jai Gurudev!

Small Raindrop

A small raindrop…
Drizzling down from the sky…
No identity, no name, no destination.
Absolutely lost.
That I was, until...

I fell down, further down...
I was very lucky...
For I finally landed in your divine lap,
Only to merge with the ocean of divine love.
You touched my heart and soul, looked at me and smiled.

Beautiful flowers, chirping birds,
flowing streams, dancing trees,
golden mountain peaks covered with snow.
Energizing sunrise, soothing sunset,
Beautiful companions all around.

Happiness, only happiness, limitless joy.
Then your lovely voice resounds..
‘Are you happy now?’
I plunged deeper into the ocean of gratefulness...
I saw myself in your eyes.
Deep quest, dynamic journey...

Challenges come in the way
But you carry me through.
No more suffering, only bliss...
Only Love, Only Joy...

I was just a small raindrop.
Now I am one with the infinite ocean. 
I soar high up and merge with the infinite sky.. 
Right into your loving embrace... 
I am...I am...I am...Only Love!  

Written by Debjani Bhagchi