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Jai Gurudev!

♥FOR GURUJI♥ on the occasion of Guru Purnima

One, who has made me say goodbye to all sorrows and anxieties as we ply through life, before and even after we die… To that Guru’s lotus feet, my heart and mind I apply. When we smile, sigh or cry there’s one unblinking eye which is watching us all with a loving presence very strong and nigh on who, one can faithfully ever rely. To that Guru’s lotus feet, my heart and mind i apply. One, who had given me this Eye, of knowledge and an eternal unconditional love supply making me effortlessly move from small I to big I. To that Guru, a million pranaams my heart does, and whereby, all my feelings blissfully lie. A very Happy Guru Poornima 2012. Today’s Guru Poornima, the 3rd of July, this sensation I can’t deny of feeling feather light & flying high, knowing even the beauty of the full moon, I can defy, Which Makes me wonder why, was I the one chosen by, My master, My Guru, who to my Being, Is the very essence, of the earth, the waters and the wind, the sun and the infinite blue sky.  

Written by Dinesh Ghodke