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Jai Gurudev!

Call Me To You

Wherever I look, I see you
No one else but you
Into the darkness of Night is you
In the Day too Bright is you
In the Beginning is you
At the end is you
In the Sea is You
On the Land Is you

Into the Ocean of your Love
I Dive Deep Inside
Free from all the worries and Problems
In your Arms, I Hide

Far you are Yet too close
I am a Thorn, you're my Rose
Call me to you, take me with you;
Where?... Don't Tell me the place, Don't give me the clue
Take me to a place
Where I have never been before
Just take me with you
I want Nothing More

This is all I ask for;
I ask you to call me,
Trap me in your Heart forever
And set me Free...

Written by: Siddharth Agrawal