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Jai Gurudev!


Lips sealed, eyes low
I speak to no one
Guruji, only to You.

Depths of the Self
Are like an ocean,
To explore and know
We must dive right in.

You are the Master -
Only You can lead us.
You are the Light -
Only You can guide us.

Thoughts knocking at the
Door of the mind.
With a welcome hug
They flow right in.

The door now open,
Hollow and empty
Thoughts which came in
Will now flow out.

Like a wave this goes
Until a moment -
When depth is so deep
We reach equilibrium.

This silence, it stays.
With music, we sway.
Lost in the depths,
We find our way!

It is but Your Grace,
It is but Your Blessing.
You are the Universe,
In which we are all living!

Written by Devika Garg