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Jai Gurudev!

Your Love

Shattered I lie on the bed of thorns..
Crying and wriggling in pain..

Carrying with me my broken heart..
Trying to figure out its every part..

Crushed under my own sins..
Not even loving my own skin..

Stumbling in the dark..
Cursing my past..

Then You came in my life..
An angel, a friend, a light..

You looked through my heart..
You hugged my worst part..

You understood it all..
You accepted it all..

Surprising me with the fact that I can be loved..
Surprising me with the faith that I’m not wrong..

You handed me your helping hand..
Changed my life with a magic wand..

You wiped my tears..
You kissed my fears..

I felt your hug..
I felt your love..

I knew love is God..
But did not realize it until you came across..

By Nehal Agarwal